Ridgemont Crest


Our doctrine

Integrity is core to our business. As a digital solutions company, we consider ourselves a steward of our whole industry and we take that responsibility seriously. These are our values…


Within the company itself and the surrounding community, making an impact is one of our core values. We build our culture around finding meaning and making an impact through our work.


Our great team is made up of individuals with a wide range of characteristics and experiences. We work towards an increasingly global audience. We design in diversity and for diversity. 


We aim to create exceptional experiences in the team and customers alike. The value of pursuing excellence sets the bar high and encourages us to strive for excellence in all we do.


Working as a team encourages communication and the flow of ideas. It is this cooperation with others that allows each each of us to bring their best to work.

Always Learn

The field of technology is ever-changing. Ridgemont Crest is founded on the drive to always learn. Using updated data, experimentation and innovation, we are confident to support our clients into the future.


We inspire every member of our team to think big and champion innovation. Building creative, new applications that change the way the world uses technology is a big task that needs courageous pursuits.

Meet the team

Your work is in safe hands …

Lawrence: Experienced in digital service design and cost-effective brand strategy for public and private sector, I help organisations to build a strong brand from within.


Brian: A Senior front-end developer specialising in Android and iOS with a Computer Science degree and experience in maintaining network system and database.

Pedro: Over 8 years of experience working on a wide variety of business applications. My main objective is to develop the best solutions for the business needs.


Dmitriy: A professional web developer and web security specialist. I usually work with WordPress and Joomla sites and any PHP code. I’m a problem solver.