Ridgemont Crest

Our process

In order to produce great work, we follow a clear, proven process.  We also keep you informed and make a presentation to you at the end of every stage.
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The 4 phases in our process


In order to build the right product, we start with understanding the intended user and their needs. Successful design comes from this understanding rather creating something based on assumptions.

Conceive and design

We use insights from research to come up with a few quick prototypes which we test with real users. This step is to help remove possible flaws, set a standard and to stick to it.

Build and test

The actual task of building the product starts here. We split the work into a few short cycles, each cycle ending with some complete working features. We test these features and ensure they work properly.

Support and maintain

When all is done, signed off and in use, we do not move on a leave a client on their own. We agree on a support arrangement. This is intended for system upgrades, security technical assistance.